Which cameras can be used?

Nearly all GenICam-compatible cameras can be used with our software.

Industrial cameras with USB2.0, USB3.0, GigE or FireWire interfaces are compatible with our software.

For instance, camera models from Allied Vision Technologies, Basler, Baumer and Ximea are compatible.

Overview of supported camera model series
Allied Vision Basler Baumer Ximea
Model series of other manufacturers with GenICam GenTL producer driver are supported, too.
Mako ace VisiLine Serie xiQ
Manta dart CX-Serie xiD
Prosilica pulse MX-Serie xiMU
Guppy PRO   TX-Serie  
Stingray   LX-Serie (GigE)  
Goldeye   PX-Serie  
Guppy   HX-Serie (GigE)  
Pike   SX-Serie  
Pearleye   EX-Serie  


Overview of additionally supported camera models
Allied Vision Basler The Imaging Source PCO
Guppy Pro F201B acA640-100gm DFK 21BF04 pco.pixelfly usb
Prosilica GX3300 acA640-120gm DMK 21BF04 pco.pixelfly qe
Prosilica GT1600 acA1300-30gm DMK 21BF02  
Stingray F145C acA1300-60gm DFM 72BUC02  
  acA1600-20gm DMM 72BUC02